Автор Тема: Една интересна статия на Джим Хам  (Прочетена 1856 пъти)

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Една интересна статия на Джим Хам
« -: Октомври 22, 2014, 12:22:17 pm »
Пълния текст може да видите в прикачения файл.

by Jim Hamm

There are those, some of whom are experienced hunters, who exclusively recommend a short bow for hunting. They maintain that a selfbow of 64 inches, or even less, is easier to use from a treestand or from a ground blind, a short bow lends itself to stalking, or a short bow is more stable or “shootable” under hunting conditions.

Years ago, Paul Comstock advocated making a bow as tall as the archer, or man-tall, and the more hunting seasons I see the more prudent his council becomes. Short bows are fine, and I’ve made and hunted with a number of them over many hunting seasons. But after decades of experience carrying a selfbow in the woods, I’ve come to prefer a 70-plus-inch weapon – in ground blinds for antelope, to stalking elk in heavy timber, in treestands for whitetails, to prospecting thick bottomlands for spring gobblers.

First of all, a bow of, say, 72 inches is not all that unwieldy compared to a 64-inch bow, that’s just 4 inches more on each limb. It’s just as easy to trim branches and detail a treestand or ground blind for a bow that’s a bit longer. Even sitting flat on the ground the longer bow simply needs to be canted slightly more. And for negotiating thick cover, the bow is generally held horizontal and parallel with the line of travel, so a few inches more or less in length either way makes little practical difference.

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Re: Една интересна статия на Джим Хам
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Абсолютно съгласен! :)